Key Officials

College President

 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
SUC President II DR. FRANCISCO D. LOPEZ 09776158404
Secretary/Assistant to the President MRS. JOCELYN C. LEONZON 09297950760  

College Secretary

 Designation Name Contact No.. E-Mail
Board Secretary/College Secretary MRS. ASUNCION G. ALTIZ 09277942621  

Vice Presidents

 Designation Name Contact No.. E-Mail
VP for Academic Affairs DR. WILMA M. PONCE 09175782054
VP for Research and Extension DR. CARMELO F. BERIA 09277241810

Academic Deans/Directors/Associate Directors

 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
Dean, Graduate School PROF. HELEN C. ABELLA 09208039224  
Associate Dean, Graduate School DR. IMELDA N. BINAY-AN 09183218034  
Dean, College of Teacher Education (Sta. Maria) DR. JEANNO M. MANZANO 09165264267  
Associate Dean, CTE (Tagudin) DR. EDERLINA M. SUMAIL 09178919662  
Dean, Agriculture and Engineering/PIA MR. FRANCISCO N. DIVINA 09153960581  
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences DR. GEMMA B. SOMERA 09063148058  
Director, Institute of Business Management and Entrepreneurship MR. DOMINADOR A. AYSON, Jr.    
Director, IHMT (Sta. Maria) MR. ANGELITO C. FERNANDO 09175080567  
Associate Director, IHMT (Candon) MRS. JOANNA MARIE T. GUARIN    
Director, ICS (Sta. Maria) DR. VITRUVIUS JOHN D. BARAYUGA 09267513030
Associate Director, ICS (Tagudin) DR. ALLAN O. RAMOS    
Director, Laboratory High School DR. CYNTHIA M. CARIÑO    
Associate Director, Laboratory High School MRS. FEMARIE M. CAPISTRANO    

Campus Executive Directors

 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
Campus Executive Director, Sta. Maria DR. CORAZON Q. QUITEVIS 09153890345  
Campus Executive Director, Narvacan / PIF MR. JOSE Q. CABATU 09175809078  
Campus Executive Director, Santiago DR. ADELA G. ESTRAÑERO 09052784661 adelaestrañ
Campus Executive Director, Candon DR. ANNIE D. DORADA 09175216719  
Campus Executive Director, Tagudin PROF. GLORIA D. TUZON 0977029557
OIC, Office of the Campus Executive Director, (Tagudin) DR. EDERLINA M. SUMAIL 09178919662  
Campus Executive Director, Cervantes DR. TESSIE L. DELA CRUZ 09184816238  


 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
Director for Administrative Services MRS. CRESCENCIA C. VILORIA 09186038026  
Internal Auditor MRS. ERLINDA P. PASTOR 09158322415  
Director, Planning DR. REAGAN LOUIE C. FUNTANILLA 09175781385  
Director, GAD/Human Rights MS. MARITES U. PERALTA    
Director for Financial Services MRS. ASUNCION G. ALTIZ 09277492621  
Director, External Affairs/International Linkages Dr. MA. LUISA M. ALLADA 09298793482
Director, Special Projects DR. JONATHAN L. DELA CRUZ    
Director, Public Relation, Publication and Information Office MRS. ANABELLE B. FRANCISCO 09176791491  
Director, Physical Plant and Facilities MR. ZOSIMO A. LIBERATO 09175811199
Director, Human Resource Management and Development DR. DANILO C. ABELLA 09177184945
Director for Procurement MRS. JOYCELYN R. MACABEO    
Director for Instruction, Quality Assurance and Accreditation DR. ANNA MARIE D. BARROGA 09152675396  
Director for Admission and Testing MRS. ERLINDA A. VALIDO 09157853462
Director, Sports Development/PE MR. JOEWE M. TABLADA 09298221246  
Director, Culture, Arts and Heritage DR. DELIA R. CASILLAN 09175362858  
Director of TVET and Scholarship DR. TOMAS C. DAGDAGAN 09778523645  
Director, Student and Alumni Affairs DR. APOLO S. FRANCISCO 09369262895  
OIC, Office of the Director for Student and Alumni Affairs DR. JOCELYN L. ABSOLOR    
Director, NSTP MR. BENNY B. DERIGE 09777195997  
Director for Research PROF. REMELY A. SANIDAD 09173866091  
Director for Extension MRS. ELENA U. ATO 09175685239  
Director for Production, Marketing and Resource Generation PROF. BERNADETTE C. CALIBUSO 09063258885  
Director for Livelihood, Product Development and Training Services MRS. LEONIDA F. BIDES    
Director for Policy Development and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)/ Research Center MRS. ARLENE P. ABLOG    
Director, Fishery Research Center MR. DENIS T. CABOTAGE 09178064624  
Director for SMART Agriculture Research Center DR. RENATO A. SAWEY 09214565758

Legal Counsel

 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
Legal Officer ATTY. EDSEL C. ABELLA 09174731459  


 Designation Name Contact No. E-Mail
Head, Ancillary Services MRS. LORETA D. ALICIAS 09054864220  
Head, Security Services/CDRRMC MR. ALEJANDRINO C. DELOS SANTOS, Jr. 09169979595  
Head, Budget Office MR. MELCHOR S. MACABEO 09152864277  
Head, Accounting Office MRS. GLENDA T. SALOM 09268708468  
Head, Supply Services MRS. AURORA R. APELADO 09052824130  
Head Cashier MRS. ROSARIO B. SALAZAR 09065756527
Head, Guidance Services MRS. PRINCESS D. RACCA    
Head, Student Affairs DR. JOCELYN L. ABSOLOR    
Head, Alumni Affairs MRS. EMED F. MANZANO 09264989418  
Head, Library Services MRS. MERCEDITA A. PALACIO    
Head, Dormitory MR. JOHN RONNIE R. PANTALEON    
Head, Hostel Services MS. MARNESSE D. SOBREMONTE    
Head, Health Services DR. MARSHA MICHELLE L. CABUENA 09175333398
Head, Food Services MRS. DESA D. ABAYA    
Head, Placement Services MR. EDUARDO J. FORONDA 09159969391