• ISPSC hosts commodity review for legumes, vegetables, etc.

    ISPSC hosted the Commodity Review for Legumes, Ornamentals, Medicinals, Vegetables, Bulb & Root Crops,  a yearly review conducted by the Ilocos Agricultural Resources Research & Development Consortium (ILARRDEC). The review aims to evaluate completed and on-going researches conducted by ILARRDEC member agencies along the said commodity.

    Twenty five (25) studies from different research centers in the region were slated for presentation and review. The presentations were split into two parallel sessions: Session A consisting of studies on legumes and vegetables while Session B focused on bulb and root crops, medicinals, indigenous plants, and ornaments.

    Session A was paneled by Prof. Roxanne S. Posadas (PSU), Ms. Nelly U. Castro (NTA), Dr. Jocelyn Bernabe (MMSU) and Mr. Rolando Corpuz (PCAARRD). For session B, the panelists were Mr. Ramon Sumabat (DOST-IS), Dr. Angelina V. Esguerra (DMMMSU), Prof. Bernadette C. Calibuso (ISPSC) and Mr. Ireneo Palma (PCAARRD).