• Let’s build a Culture of Excellence – Pres. Lopez

    Thinking, executing and sustaining excellence towards internationalization for the whole system is what Pres. Francisco D. Lopez emphasized in his speech at the 19th Charter Day celebration, February 23 – 24, Cervantes Campus.

    “If we continue to set our minds to excellence by building a corporate culture that will drive a high performance organization, strategizing for excellence through empowerment of skills and talents require to grow our college, sustaining it through leadership and refraining to revert back to old habits, we are creating a culture of excellence in ISPSC.”, he further stressed.

    Pres. Lopez focused on sustaining excellence and challenged the audience by expounding his own definition of culture of excellence and enumerating good characteristics and features that the institution should manifest.

    The President also explained how every stakeholder should know their roles, responsibilities, clear purpose and meaning and mastery of roles in order to achieve our unified vision. He also addressed the empowerment of low performers and the acknowledgement and due recognition of high performers for their hard works.

    “Do not settle for mediocre. Instead focus in creating something that has never been created before, breaking records and achieving unprecedented results. It is achieving the impossible. The resulting energy, excitement and drive that creates a certain positive tension that reverberates throughout the college.”, the President challenged his spectators.

    He also mentioned how everyone should be resilient to face changes and challenges with a pioneer mentality and encouraged students and teachers to form highly collaborative teams that appreciates every contribution that includes knowledge of their expertise.

    In addition, Dr. Lopez explained why the celebration of this year’s Foundation activity was held in Cervantes campus.

    We should develop tolerance that despite risk, challenges and hazards, your involvement in our college activities is all that matters.”, Dr. Lopez elucidated as for a long time, the said celebration was outside the main campus.


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