• 3rd President's Day

    "Global Niching: ISPSC's Emerald Jubilee Challenge" was the theme of Dr. Francisco D. Lopez' 3rd President's Day held last January 5, 2018 at ISPSC Candon Campus in Candon City, Ilocos Sur. The following was his State of the College Address:

    TEAM EMPOWERED: Performing….. Consistent….

    3rd President’s Day Anniversary Message
    January 5, 2018, ISPSC Candon Campus

    A pleasant evening to everyone!

    The past year was so good for us here at ISPSC. This was the year of achievements, development, merit, accomplishments, learning and tough experiences and a year of blessings and thanksgiving. This was the year of which I have grown my naïve leadership skills, become tougher and firmer in my decisions. This is where we strengthened our weaknesses in the past year. We change together the academic landscape of the College. We elevated our status as a state college, we OBEdized our curriculum, we sent more faculty scholars, we surpassed our academic records, we came as great competitor, we surge out in our research and extension activities, we got more funding for our student scholars, we landed anew in the topnotchers lists and increased our number of passers in the different board examinations, we passed with flying colors our Level 3 Phase 1 and 2 accreditation, we have more infrastructures constructed in the different campuses, we promoted teaching and non-teaching staff and most of all we had established a trademark that our College existed out of excellence.

    With these marvelous and name-etching accomplishments, I’m so grateful with lots of people/stakeholders, who were so magnanimous in their role though small or big contributions, had made us on top of the year:

    • The key officials who completed my body system in realizing our vision and mission. Thank you for being an extension of me for without you, policies, memos, advisories won’t be disseminated and implemented. (No awan riri, awan ti quality. No awan binnugkaw, ti output narabaw)
    • The faculty and support staff who provided their effective and efficient services and extended a splendid job in teaching our students to make competitive and of quality outputs. Thank you for your expertise, quality teaching, precious times, patience and love for our students. (Pili-pili ti oras ken load, saan nga isu ti rukod. Ti biometrics mabalin nga inkontrol, ngem ti quality a panagisuro isu ti rukod.)
    • To our students who were our service clients for their cooperation, submissiveness, their eagerness for education, their support to our programs. The FSSC, SSC, other student organizations and advisers. (Ti nabuntog nga release ti student funds ket saan nga isu iti tubeng iti pannaka implementar ti student activities no di ketdi ti saan nga pannakaisubmit iti proposals ken saan nga pannakaliquidate ti cash advances.)
    • To our graduates in degree/non-degree courses, Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) beneficiaries, for you are our products for the year-long quality service. You are our index of performance. You are our manifestations of quality. (Ta INC ken singko mapunas no makita ti nagan ti list of graduates ket nagganas.)
    • To our alumni who now played a special role as partners in our development as a college, their reunions has become an avenue that the news of ISPSC as an abode of excellent learners and of quality has been widely spread around the globe. (Pasyaren yo ti skol tayo, saanen nga isu idin, adun nagluposan nan. Kitaenyo baro nga eskwelan.)
    • Our topnotchers, our licensed teachers, our agriculturists, agricultural engineers, fishery technologists, our foresters, NC II and NC III Assessment passers, for their concerns on quality through their good preparations, review and training, which made them prepared and passed the licensure examinations. Thank you for increasing our percentage of passing. (Ti natudyo nga ag-review ken adda stock knowledge na makagun-od.)
    • The BAC, TWG, Procurement Team, Engineering Unit for their heightened and improved services which made us realize a better, faster procurement of goods, supplies and infrastructure development. (No napaspas ti garaw, ti nababa nga BUR mapukaw.)
    • AACCUP Accreditors, internal and accre task forces in all programs accredited for your sleepless nights, extended hours and preparations that made us surpassed our accreditation with flying colors. Thank you for maturing in this endeavor of which you have already enhanced your efforts through better strategizing. (No kanayon nga ar-aramiden, lumag-lag-an iti trabaho ken napinpintas ti resulta.)
    • Our stakeholders, 2nd Congressional District, the COA, PGIS, the CSC, LGUs, the DSWD, TESDA, DTI, DENR, BFAR, DOST, DA, NEDA, OJT partner-agencies, scholarship donors/benefactors, for their unstinted support to our programs, operations, which has improved our services to our clients. (No agmaymaysa tayo, narigat itag-ay iti nadagsen nga trabaho.)
    • The Members of the Board of Trustees, who validate and approve our policies, programs, activities, projects, budget, benefits and other operations of the College. (Uray awan iti honorarium, addada latta nga uman-andingay kadatayo.)
    • To my family who were so supportive of all my endeavors, so understanding on my absence, so prayerful in my trips and so loving and passionate for what I am and the nature of my work, and who reminds me always that Health is Wealth.
    • To Almighty God for the so many blessings, achievements, worthy accomplishments, victories, better relationships, wisdom, strength, power, love, joy, unity and above all the quality service we all exerted for the benefit of our clients, communities and lives of those whom we touch wholeheartedly.


    This 2018, we hope for more challenges; we are beset of the significant challenges that will come our way of which everyone’s simple contribution is a must:

    • The full implementation of the RA 10931 (Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education)
    • ISO Certification
    • Program Compliances of our Curricular Programs
    • Regional PASUC, Culture and the Arts Festival Hosting
    • Regional SCUAA I Meet Hosting
    • Higher Level Accreditation of 10 programs
    • Research/Extension Program Intensification
    • Alumni Global Homecoming
    • Emerald Jubilee Celebration
    • JOs end of contract by December 2018
    • SUC Levelling 
    • Automation of our systems


    What do I expect from you in return?

    1. Renew your goals and commitment. Dig within and discover what you wanted to happen in your academic life this 2018. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you are interested in fully realizing our vision and goals. 
    2. Share the minutest contribution and do your role exemplary. Live your life here at ISPSC from your heart. Share what you have and teach/serve with quality from the heart and your story will touch and heal people’s souls and lives.
    3. Show your best shots. Don’t violate your own code of values and ethics. Always portray a personality devoid of corruption and unprofessionalism. Carry in your identity respect, loyalty and trustworthiness.
    4. Have high emotional intelligence, it’s not just your IQ or technical skills that matters but more importantly is your EQ because in a team socially aware members produce better quality work.
    5. Have a mix of introversion and extroversion personality. This is observed that extroverts are too confident and may loss sight when works needs to be done. Sometimes introvert personality can work well without rhetorics or complain but rather act spontaneously.
    6. Don’t be a constant outlooker and desperate critique of our own deficiencies, lapses, errors and mislooks. Try to help us.


    10 Requirements of TEAM EMPOWERED

    Performing….. Consistent….

    1. Clear expectations
    2. Commitment
    3. Competence
    4. Cooperation
    5. Collaboration
    6. Communication
    7. Creative innovation
    8. Consequences (risk, hazard)
    9. Coordination
    10. Cultural Change


    A team is not a group of people who work together. It is a group of people who trust each other. Let us build the smartest, nicest and well-knitted team to make us undeniably unstoppable to move up and prosper. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Steadfast unity will hold us up and help us through challenges and together we can and will keep us winning.

    To all of us the most effective way to cope with change is to help create it.

    Thank you and Mabuhay!

    More photos can be found here.


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