• College of Teacher Education, ISPSC Tagudin Campus Granted Level III – Phase 2 Accreditation Status by AACUP

    The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACUP) has granted the College of Teacher Education ISPSC, Tagudin Campus level III Phase 2 accreditation which is valid until  November 30, 2021.


    Dr. Imelda N. Binay-an (left), Associate Dean of Graduate School, Dr. Ederlina M. Sumail, Associate Dean of College of Teacher Education, Prof. Femarie M. Capistrano, Associate Director of Laboraroty High School, and Prof. Ernest Padiwan (right), Faculty of College of Teacher Education answer accreditors’ queries.

    In the 3rd survey visit of College of Teacher Education (CTE) on November 27, 2017 four areas were evaluated—two of which were mandated by AACCUP: (1) curriculum and instruction, and (2) extension while two were the areas of choice of the college: (3) faculty development, and (4) library. 

    The award of the Level III accreditation status is a manifestation  that a curricular program commits itself to quality instruction to students, excellent research activities and outputs, and impact-driven extension services to the community, often higher than required by the Commission on Higher Education. (geovilla)


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