• Yearbook 2018 photoshoot schedule

    Photo shoot schedule for each campus:

    May 15 (am) Cervantes Cervantes Campus
    May 16- 17


    May 16 am BSBA

    May 16 pm EDUC/IT

    May 17 am HS/AB

    May 17 pm GS

    Tagudin Campus (AVR)
    May 18 (am) Candon Candon Campus
    May 18 (pm)



    Sta. Maria Campus (FTC)
    May 19

    GS Sta.Maria/


    Sta. Maria Campus (FTC)
    May 21-22

    Sta. Maria

    May 21 am EDUC/IT

    May 21 pm BSA/Eng’g/Forestry

    May 22 am HRM

    May 22 pm HS

    Sta. Maria Campus (FTC)

    *those students/faculty members/non-teaching staff from Santiago and Narvacan Campuses respectively who will fail to appear on their scheduled date of May 18 for their photo shoot can still have their photos taken on May 19.


              Faculty members and Non-Teaching Staff can have their pictures taken within the scheduled photo shoot of their respective campuses. Central Administration Key Officials and Staff can have their pictures taken on May 21-22.

    The  dress code is as follows:

    • Male/Female graduating students- Corporate Attire
    • All Faculty Members and All Non-Teaching Staff (regardless of academic rank and/or status of appointment)
      • Corporate Filipiniana Dress and Bandana- Females
      • Corporate Barong Tagalog and Bandana- Males

    For graduating students, strictly, no receipt presented, no photo shoot. We will also follow the scheduled time and date, thus, all concerned must be in the venue during their schedules/s only. The team will be at the venue as early as 6am for the morning schedule and 12nn for the afternoon schedule.



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