• ISPSC ranks in 2023 Global Top Innovative Universities

    With its innovative programs on student mobility and openness, crisis management, and the fourth industrial revolution, the Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College (ISPSC) was ranked as one of the Global Top Innovative Universities in the May 2023 ranking of The World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI).

    ISPSC's internationalization program, Project MARING, and Luntiang Pamayanan community extension projects have made the College's ranking in the global top 201-300 universities possible.

    As part of the president's agendum for global positioning, ISPSC is opening its borders for student and faculty exchange and collaborative faculty research undertakings with various universities in Indonesia, Taiwan, and the USA, and expanding further to other countries like India.

    Initially started as a virtual exchange program, ISPSC and its partner universities in Indonesia adopted the student exchange with credit, visiting professor, and research and extension collaboration initiatives, giving students and visiting professors a one-of-a-kind experience in international collaboration.

    Dr. Annabelle B. Francisco, Internationalization and Networking Officer, initiated the said collaboration efforts, with the help and support of the campus internationalization coordinators and the entire ISPSC administration.

    Meanwhile, Project MARING was ISPSC's way of responding to the call of its immediate community during the onslaught of Typhoon Maring in Ilocos Sur that swept away properties, including animals and houses, leaving many people homeless and devastated.

    Through the effort of the ISPSC community, led by Dr. Gilbert R. Arce, SUC President III, several families benefitted from the housing rehabilitation project and several others in the offering of free drinking water through the ISPSC Water Station, feeding activities, donation drives, and other initiatives conducted by the College for several weeks to help mitigate the effects of the typhoon.

    On the other hand, the Luntiang Pamayanan extension project of the College of Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering, and Development Communication (CAFED) promotes urban and backyard gardening to help attain food security in the communities, especially those highly affected by the pandemic, and empower residents to produce food for self-sustainability with utmost consideration on environmental protection through the utilization of waste as organic fertilizer.

    Spearheaded by Dr. Armando D. Diga, CAFED Dean, the Luntiang Pamayanan project has now benefitted more than 200 households, 17 communities, and 30 schools in the second district of Ilocos Sur. Capacity-building activities on food sustainability and security for 137 participants were also conducted.

    With WURI's specificity on the university's real impact on society through creative and innovative approaches, the inclusion of ISPSC in the world ranking has, indeed, marked its continuing effort to place the quality and relevance of higher education in the country, with high regard for student mobility and openness, social responsibility, crisis management, progress, value-creating, and industry application, among others. #

    WURI Global Top 100 Innovative Universities

    By: Noel L. Llamar and Ranec Azarias